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The Unexplored North - Peru Travel Itinerary

I love Northern Peru and recommend it to everyone heading to South America. It's often overlooked but is a budget traveler's goldmine with access to archeological sites, great beaches and the birthplace of ceviche. Unfortunately most travelers miss out on half the country by flying into Lima and only traveling South. But the Inca history didn't stop in Cuzco! The North is home to Incan ruins and the civilizations that came before them. For those looking to learn, spend some time surfing and eat great food Northern Peru offers it all at a fraction of the price elsewhere in the country. Check out our Northern Peru Itinerary

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The Best Places to Stay in Buenos Aires

Friday March 28, 2014

Buenos Aires

Known as the Paris of South America, few tourists realize just what a large city Buenos Aires really is - in fact it's only second to Sao Paulo. This means there are plenty of neighborhoods with great hotels, restaurants and shopping. Yet each have their own sense of character and can be quite far from what you want to see in the city.

To make sure you choose the right neighborhood check out where to stay in Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires' Best Neighborhood?

Thursday March 27, 2014

palermo, Buenos Aires

The district of Palermo is a largely residential district that has long been considered an area where many of the city's most successful and wealthy residents live. One of the most distinct aspects of the identity of the Palermo district is that it tends to be much greener than the rest of the city, while it also has fewer high rise apartment blocks. Palermo is an area that shows off the best of Buenos Aires, from the trendy restaurants and bars through to the luxurious homes and hotels seen around the district.

Learn more about the Palermo neighborhood in Buenos Aires.



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Honeymoon in South America!

Wednesday March 26, 2014


honeymoon beach

When it comes to picking out great islands on which to spend your honeymoon, South America has a variety of destinations to choose from, boasting superb beaches, luxury accommodation and the peace and tranquility you would expect from a honeymoon destination.

The majority of the top destinations are located towards the northern end of the continent where the weather is generally more favorable, and the chances of enjoying sun drenched days on golden beaches are better. But even in the southern regions, like in Uruguay, you can find the perfect beach for a cozy honeymoon.

Check out our picks for a honeymoon in South America.

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5 Things You Must do in Guayaquil

Tuesday March 25, 2014


As the largest city in Ecuador, many people fly into Guayaquil and do their best to leave the city immediately. Others often skip the city all together. While some parts of the city can be quite industrial, there are also plenty of things worth doing. The best part is that most of them can be done in 24 hours!  Check out the best of what to do in Guayaquil.


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