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The Unexplored North - Peru Travel Itinerary

I love Northern Peru and recommend it to everyone heading to South America. It's often overlooked but is a budget traveler's goldmine with access to archeological sites, great beaches and the birthplace of ceviche. Unfortunately most travelers miss out on half the country by flying into Lima and only traveling South. But the Inca history didn't stop in Cuzco! The North is home to Incan ruins and the civilizations that came before them. For those looking to learn, spend some time surfing and eat great food Northern Peru offers it all at a fraction of the price elsewhere in the country. Check out our Northern Peru Itinerary

South America Travel Spotlight10

Discover These 5 Epic Drinks in South America

Wednesday April 23, 2014


South America is a continent that has a wide variety of different crops and plants that are grown there, and the region is well known for its lovely tropical fruits and often unusual ingredients. Many of these are tasty and interesting by themselves, but when they are used to make cocktails or blended to make alcoholic fruit drinks then they can really offer a memorable and attractive taste.

Some of these drinks are distinctive to certain regions of the continent, so try them when you have the opportunity otherwise you may curse your luck once you have departed.


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Where are the best hostels in South America?

Monday April 21, 2014


Backpacker life in South America is often colorful, sometimes uncomfortable and always interesting, and one of the best parts of travel on the continent is the wide variety of accommodation and the people you can meet there.

From the idyllic beachside hostels opening directly on to the sand to the best party hostels where some amazing nights out begin, different people will have different criteria when they consider their favorite hostels, and here are some of the best hostels in South America.


Eat Til it Hurts with Rodizio in Brazil

Saturday April 19, 2014


For visitors who are paying their first visit to Brazil, and who have a keen passion for food and particularly well cooked meat, a visit to a rodizio restaurant is one of the experiences that has to be tried at least once during a visit.

At its most basic level, a rodizio restaurant is a type of Brazilian steakhouse, where diners are served with a variety of different meats and can choose what type of meat they would like to eat. Learn more about rodizio.


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Dance Until Dawn in South America

Thursday April 17, 2014

salsa cali

Going out on the town for a good night is a great way to see a part of a city's culture that you wouldn't normally get to see by just visiting the sights, and there are some great places in South America for those looking to party. Whether you are looking for massive club nights with the world's best DJ's, dancing venues or places with a laid back vibe, there are plenty of cities across the continent worth visiting.

Here are some of the most popular destinations for those looking for excellent nightlife in South America.



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