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Holidays and Festivals in Brazil
Date Holiday Festival - Fiesta de Location
January 1 New Year Año Novo National
January 1 Festa de Iemanjá Rio de Janeiro
January 1 Procissão de Senhor Bom Jesus dos Navegantes Salvador Bahia
January 1 - 20 Folia de Reis Parati, Rio de Janeiro
January 6 Epiphany National
Second Thursday in January Lavagem do Bonfim Salvador Bahia
Second Sunday in January Senhor Bom Jesus dos Navegantes Penedo Alagoas
January 24 - February 2 NS de Nazaré Nazaré Bahia
February 2 Festa de Iemanjá Salvador Bahia
February Grande Vaquejada do Nordeste Natal Rio Grande do Norte
February or March Lavagem da Igreja de Itapoã Itapoã Bahia
February or March Shrove Tuesday Various locations
February or March Carnaval National
March or April Good Friday and Easter National
Mid April Drama da Paixão de Cristo Brejo da Madre de Cristo Pernambuco
April 21 Tiradentes National
April or May Festival Amazonas de Ópera Manaus
April or May Cavalhadas Pirenópolis Goiás
May 1 Labor Day National
Late may or early June Divino Espiritu Santo Parati Rio de Janeiro
June Corpus Christi National
June Festas Juninas and Bumba Meu Boi National
June Festival Folcórico do Amazonas Manaus Amazonas
June 24 São João Cachoeira and others Paraíba
June/July Pacote Festival de Parintins Parintins
July Festa do Divino Diamantina Minas Gerais
July Regata de Jangadas Dragão do Mar Fortaleza Ceará
August 15 Festa de Iemanjá Fortaleza Ceará
Mid August Festa da NS de Boa Morte Cachoeira Bahia
September Festival de Cirandas Itamaracá Pernambuco
September Cavalhada Caeté Minas Gerais
September 7 Independence Day National
September 8 Festa de Nossa Senhora dos Remédios Paraty
October 1 Our Lady of Aparecida National
October 12 Festa de NS Aparecida Aparecida São Paulo
Second Sunday of October on Cirio de Nazaré Belém Pará
Second half of October NS do Rosário Cachoeira Bahia
November 1 - 2 Festa do Padre Cicero Juazeiro do Norte Ceará
November 2 All Souls Day National
November NS do Ajuda Cachoeira Bahia
November 15 Proclamation Day National
December 8 Festa do NS da Conção Navidad National
December 8 Festa de Iemanjá Belem Parã and João Pessoa Paraíba
December 25 Christmas Day Navidad National
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