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Salvador de Bahia, Brazil

Brazil Brazil

As the first capital of Brazil, from 1549 to 1763, Salvador de Bahia witnessed the blending of European, African and Amerindian cultures. It was also the first slave market in the New World, with slaves arriving in 1558 to work on the sugar plantations. The city has managed to preserve many outstanding examples of Renaissance architecture and is recognized as a Unesco Heritage site.

Carnaval Filhos de Gandhi at Carnaval in Salvador de Bahia, Brasil

Brazil's best street carnaval is in Salvador de Bahia. In the weeks before Lent, millions of Brazilians head to the streets of Salvador to take part in the annual carnaval. Among the highlights are the performances of scores of bands, "Trios Electricos". They perform on large trucks with enourmous speakers. Today, they are much more than trios, as huge bands fill the trucks as millions march through the streets at carnaval.

Visit the Northeast Brief history, demographics, photos and interesting info about the states of Alagoas, Bahia, Ceará, Maranhão, Paraíba, Pernambuco, Piauí, Rio Grande do Norte and Sergipe.

Metro: Salvador de Bahia Map of the existing and planned lines.

The Elevators & Funiculars of Salvador "Because of its rugged terrain, numerous contraptions were constructed over the years to transport residents between the industrial districts along the bay and the commercial and residential areas on the hill. In the 16th century the Portuguese erected a giant 'guindaste' (crane) on the site of today's Plano Gonçalves. In the 19th century Salvadorans built one of South America's first street railways, its first cable-drawn railway, its first giant public elevator, and its first inclined plane. This is a survey of some of these devices." (see photo and credits)

Bahia, Land of Happiness Descriptions, things to do and see, beaches and more.

Salvador, Bahia... by Michael Reckling Wonderful photos of the old town, beaches, and churches.

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