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Pictures of Chile Photo Gallery


Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile


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Photo galleries of various areas of Chile are listed first, followed by individual photos by region:

El Norte Grande

Includes Regions 1 (Tarapacá) and 2 (Antofagasta) see map



El Norte Chico

Includes Regions 3 (Atacama) and 4 (Coquimbo) see map

Zona Central

Includes Regions 5 (Valparaiso and Isla de Pascua), 6 (Santiago or Metropolitan District), 7 (O'Higgins) and 8 (Del Maule) see map

Santiago and Metropolitan District:

Valparaiso and Viña del Mar:


Includes Regions 9 (Bío Bío) and 10 (De la Araucanía) and most of Regions 11 (De los Lagos) see map

Bío Bío: Villarica, Pucon

De la Araucanía:

Patagonia Norte

Includes the rest of Region 11 (De los Lagos) and Region 12 (Aisén) see map

De Los Lagos

Isla Grande de Chiloé:

Please see the next page for more photos of Chiloé Island, Chilean Patagonia, glaciers, Torres del Paine, flora and fauna, Chile from Space and Historical Photos.

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