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Recipes from Colombia


Colombia fruit vendor

Colombia fruit vendor

Colombia cooking calls for local fruits and vegetables, seafood, and of course, coffee!

Recipes from Colombia
Arepas Fritas De Queso O Chicharron, Arepas Jenesanences(Corn Bread Jenesanen Style, Colombian Avocado Vichyssoise(Sopa De Aguacate Y Papas), Colombian Marinated Tomatoes(Weir), Conejo Guisado Con Coconut (Rabbit Stew with Coconut Cream, Frijoles (South American Beans) and Frituras De Caracol(Columbian Conch Fritters

Recipes from Colombia
Entrees, stews, soups, seafood dishes and desserts.

Alimentos y Bebidas
Look under Recetas for recipes in Spanish.

Recetas de Comida Vallecaucana y Colombiana
Regional recipes in Spanish.

Recetas Colombiana
Regional recipes, also in Spanish.

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