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Recipes from Paraguay


Paraguay fruit vendor

Paraguay fruit vendor

Corn, manioc or cassava, yerba maté, tropical fruits and vegetables are staples of Paraguayan cuisine.

Recipes from Paraguay
So'o Ku'i (Meat And Rice Pie), So'o Yo-sopy (Beef Soup), Bori-bori (Beef Soup With Dumplings), milanesa (Breaded Beef Steak).

Paraguayan Recipes
Each month, another recipe will be made available to you, in a PDF file, compliments of Flavors of Paraguay Cookbook - 101 Authentic Paraguayan Recipes by Lynn Van Houten

Dumplings, Paraguayan Soup, Kiveve (Mashed Pumpkin), Corvina a la criolla (Creole-style Bass),and Sopa Crema de Elotes (Cream of Corn Soup).

Yerba Maté
Tea brewed from the dried leaves and stemlets of the perennial tree Ilex paraguarensis and very popular in Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay and Southern Brazil.

Recipes from Paraguay
Two soup recipes: Zucchini Soup (Caldo de Zapallo Tierno) and Beef Soup (So'O-Yosopy).

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