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The Haciendas of Ecuador

Touring the haciendas



Hacienda Gauchola, Ecuador

To plan a tour, let's group the haciendas, by location, from Quito.
  • North of Quito:
    • Hacienda Chillo-Jijón
    • La Mirage (Cotacachi), the only hacienda member of member of Relais & Chateaux,is a palatial estate, well-known for its luxury, cuisine and spa. Five stars
    • Casa Mohanda (Otavalo)
    • Pinsaqui (Cotacachi. Four stars
    • Hostería Chorlavi (Ibarra). Four stars
    • Puerto Lago (San Pablo Lake. Four stars
    • San Augustin (Ibarra)
    • Guachala (also spelled Huachala) (Cayambe)
    • Hacienda La Compania (Cayambe)
    • Cusin (San Pablo Lake). Four stars. Enjoy the account of A Stay at Hacienda Cusin.
    • Rancho Carolina (Ibarra)
    • Hacienda Zuleta (Zuleta) is "renowned for the Zuleteño horse which is a unique mixture of Spanish-Andalusian, English and Quarter horses."
  • South of Quito:
    • Hacienda La Alegria - educational, ecological, and challenging experiences for adults, families and children with eco-tourism and a speciality in horse adventures. Enjoy A Visit to Hacienda Alegria.
    • Hualilahua (Machachi) - the Hacienda Hualilagua de Jijón, also spelled Hualilahua, is a favorite stopover for visits to Cotopaxi National Park. The hacienda, seen here and in two photos above, dates from 1718. Surrounded by stables, gardens with many species of trees, organic vegetable gardens, Hualilahua offers as taste of colonial architecture and great vistas
    • Volcano Land (Cotopaxi)
    • La Cienaga (Lasso)
    • San Mateo (Lasso)
    • San Augustin de Callo (Cotopaxi)
    • Rumipamba de las Rosas (Salcedo)
    • Hacienda Leito (Ambato/Patate)
    • Manteles (Patate)
    • Luna Run Tun (Baños)
    • Hacienda Viña del Rio (Patate)
    • La Carriona (Sangolquí)
    • Hacienda Yanahurco - a private ecological reserve. An exclusive operation for ecotourism including fishing, horseback riding, the annual rodeo, wild-life viewing, bird watching and camping

  • West of Quito:

    Enjoy your stay in one or more of the haciendas of Ecuador. Buen viaje!

    If you have questions or comments about the haciendas or Ecuador in general, post them on the South America for Visitors Forum.

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