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Spas and Hot Springs of South America

A spa vacation - what a way to relax!


Rio Lauramarca hot springs termas

These hot springs on the Rio Lauramarca are a welcome rest for the Ausangate trek.


It's not surprising that along the volcanic areas of the Andes from Panama to the tip of Patagonia, South America has thousands of hot springs. Hot springs, or thermal springs, and geysers are associated with volcanic activity and recently formed, hot, igneous rocks.

Some of these thermal spots have been developed into resort areas, or spas offering services from mineral water baths, mud baths, massages to exfoliating and moisturizing body treatments. Others are little more than a widening of a river. Wherever they are, they offer the traveler a welcome ease.

Urban spas may not have the natural, thermal springs to feed their baths, but they do offer all the luxuries to pamper and treat their guests. Plan a vacation with stops at one or more of these all-service spa and resorts and pamper yourself.

By country, north to south and back again, here are some of the spas and hot springs of South America. If I've missed your favorite, be sure to let me know!


  • Volcán de Lodo El Totumo is a mud hill, or volcano. After the mud draws toxins from the skin, enjoy a massage and wash.


  • Golden Rainbow Maremares in Puerto La Cruz has a lagoon-style pool with a wave machine, cascading waterfalls, spa, fitness center, medical evaluation, fitness testing, nutritional program, massage, and more.
  • La Limonera in San Francisco de Asis, Aragua offers Aqua-Tonic, steam baths, aquatic jogging, hydrogymnastics, hydromassage, digitopuncture, relaxation exercises. Geotherapy, sweat Inipi ceremony, labyrinth, massages (Shiatsu, Lomilomi, reflexology massage, craniosacral therapy, acupressure). Autohypnosis, visualization, medical evaluation, lectures.
  • La Samanna de Margarita Hotel on Isla de Margarita has a Thalassotherapy center, pressotherapy, Scottish shower, vibrosauna, aquagym, analytic pool, affusion showers, balneotherapy, hamman, massage, body wraps, facial treatments, hand and foot treatments. Thermals:
  • Hot springs in Tabay on the trek through Condor Pass near Mérida in Sierra de la Culata National Park.


  • Termas de Papallacta are the most famous in Ecuador, offering mineral, crystalline, hyperthermal, hypertonic, sulfate, alkaline terreous waters, volcanic in origin as well as clear. Massage and aromatherapy services. Termas de Papallacta Hot Springs boasts of being the best hot springs of Ecuador in beautiful surroundings topped by the majestic glacier of Antisana. Papallacta Hot Springs, and Termas de Papallacta offer various perspective of this popular spa.
  • Arasha Rainforest Resort & Spa in Quito offers aerobics, biofeedback, more activites, plus a pool.
  • Madre Tierra is a garden hotel in Vilcabamba offering virgin clay treatments, wraps, mud baths, colonics with coffee, reforestation of intestinal flora with acidophilus bacteria, steam baths, facials, massage. Beauty treatments, aromatherapy and more.
  • Machachi in the Central Highlands is famous for its mineral water, springs and swimming pools. Guitig, a nationally bottled water, is produced here.
  • La Mirage - Garden Hotel & Spa in Imbabura offers very luxurious spa treatments and outdoor recreational activities. photo Thermals:
  • Volcanoes and Hot Springs of Baños
  • Hot Springs of Oyacachi
  • Hot springs of Chachimbiro


  • Peru – Country Of Thermal Springs
  • Natural hot springs in the small resort town of Churin
  • Hot Springs High in the Andes
  • Cajamarca, because of its favorable climate and hot springs, was a favored spot among the Incas to relax in 74°C water
  • Tacna hot springs are called Caliente, for the water reaches 98°C
  • Calera hot springs, a sacred spot in Chivay
  • Churin, also a hot springs sacred spot
  • Aguas Calientes, at the base of Machu Picchu, where travelers enjoy the natural hot springs after trekking the Inca Trail
  • Amazon Hot Spring Trails
  • Hot springs of Upis on the Azungate Trek as well as at stop at the springs on the Lauramarca River
  • Ausangate Hot Springs – photo
  • Peru's waters also boast medicinal properties. The seven lakes at Las Huaringas ("sacred lakes" in the Quechua language) have been used since pre-Hispanic times for magical and healing ceremonies
  • Colca lodge Hot Springs in the Colca Valley
  • In San Martin department, the hot springs of San Mateo and the sulfurous hot springs of Ormina are welcome relief to travelers
  • Tambomachay Hot Springs
  • Baños del Inca Hot Springs

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