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Ski South America!

Ski your heart out from June to October




As spring and summer sun melts the snow in the Northern Hemisphere, savvy skiers pack up and travel south to the great ski centers in South America where the ski season begins in mid-June and runs to October. You'll find the best conditions in July and August.

The skiing in the southern Andes of Argentina and Chile is world famous. There's also snowboarding, heli-skiing and superb runs.

In Argentina, the best skiing is in Patagonia and the Lake Region where the resorts around Bariloche offer varying possibilities. You'll find more skiing in other areas of Argentina, most notably in Mendoza province, at the resorts of Las Leñas and Los Penitentes.

You'll forgive me if I'm a trifle biased in favor of the skiing in Chile for that is where I learned to ski. Not at the famous resorts such as spectacular Portillo but in my own backyard of Sewell. I did ski however at La Parva and Farellones.

You'll find the various Chilean Ski Areas offer the perfect mix of good runs spectacular views and a wonderful atmosphere. You can choose a week of skiing in Portillo then move on to Valle Nevado. There are interconnecting trails which make it easy and fun to enjoy a number of runs and conditions. And the scenery is fantastic! You wont want to miss the fun at El Colorado, Chile's biggest ski resort, with the best ski runs.

Farther south, popular ski resorts are at [Villarica-Pucon, where you'll see Osorno, the famous volcano. The Termas de Chillan, La Burbuja and El Mirador present different conditions and offer varying degrees of tourist amenities but all provide more great skiing.

There are more places to ski in South America, of course. Bolivia's ski center at Chacaltaya boasts of some superlative conditions but doesn't offer the amenities many skiers prefer. The northern Andes of Peru offer ski mountaineering, and Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela have smaller ski areas but the tropical environments surrounding them aren't as conducive to great skiing conditions.

No matter where you ski in South America you'll enjoy great snow superlative vistas and friendly welcomes. Why don't you send us a trip report or rate your experience with a Reader Review?

Good skiing! And don't forget to check the skiing packages and deals listed in Ski South America resources and the ads on this page.

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