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Recipes from Venezuela


Venezuela plantains

Venezuela plantains

Venezuela shares much of the Caribbean influences in its flavors, cooking techniques and fruits like the plantain which are served at any and all meals. Green fruits are starchy like potatoes, yellow ones are slightly sweet as the sugar forms, and black skinned plantains are the ripest and sweetest.

La Cocina Venezolana
You can create whole menus with these recipes from soup to dessert. The ingredients translation is especially helpful.

Veggie Venezuelan 'Ham' Bread
Vegetarian version of a unique Venezuelan bread, traditionally filled with cooked ham, bacon, green olives and raisins, served at Christmas.

Cooked Plantains
Plantains are a staple of Central America, Caribbean and northern South American cuisine. This dish is the vegetarian version of pabellon con baranda, traditionally eaten with black beans, rice and shredded meat.

Baked Snapper Fillets
Baked with a sherry mushroom sauce.

Arepas Venezolanas, Sopa de Frijoles Negros, Arroz con Leche, Carne Mechada Criolla, Ropa Vieja al estilo Venezolano - all traditional dishes.

Venezuelan Recipes
Egg-nog like drink (Ponche Crema), Cheese Finger Food (Tequenos),Chicken Soup (Sancocho), Meat stuffed corn flour (Arepas rellenas), Corn pancakes (Cachapas) and Creamed rice(Arroz con leche).

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