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Wildlife Photo Gallery

Red bellied piranha

There are many varieties of carnivorous Piranhas, from the large greatly feared Pygocentrus piraya found in the lower Amazon, the aggressive Pygocentrus cariba found in the Rio Orinoco and Lago del Guarico, Serrasalmus spilopleura in the Amazon River and its tributaries, Rio Parana, and Rio Paraguay, to the everchanging Serrasalmus rhombeus of the Amazon Basin, Orinoco Basin, and Guianas, and others.

They are known by their colors: red, white, yellow, lime, violet, blue and black. They are fresh-water fish, live and hunt in packs, and are known for their sharp teeth, feeding frenzies and food-capturing techniques. Piranhas are also kept in aquariums, with care.

Legend and lore proclaim piranhas will attack a human, or anything bleeding in the water. It is true they feed on injured animals and fish, attacking in a pack and consuming flesh rapidly. Some species reach up to to five pounds.

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