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Pictures of Chile
Chuquicamata Following Pit Expansion, Atacama Desert


As the open pit mine expands, it gobbles up the terrain around it, including what was once residential areas, as seen in the remains of this duplex housing, in Chuquicamata, nicknamed Chuqui.


There was at one time a series of office and commercial buildings under the ever-encroaching mine operations. Note the tiny truck on the side of the hill.


In the early 1960's, the old hospital was abandoned to the mine and a new one, named in honor of Roy H. Glover was built. This hospital, too, has been devoured by the mine. Seen here is the approach to the hospital as it disappears under the pit.

Recently, the mine owner, CODELCO, Chile's national copper company, has moved most of the personnel remaining in Chuqui to new homes in Calama.

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