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Flora and Fauna of Chile Guanacos


Guanacos "stand about four feet tall at the shoulder and about five feet to the top of the head. They have a body length of up to six feet with an approximately ten-inch long tail. They can weigh up to 210 pounds. Their wooly coat is tawny to brown and their head is usually grey.


Wild guanacos thrive in the plains of northern Peru to southern Patagonia. They often live in the mountains and altiplano areas above 12,000 meters. Usually herds of several females travel with one male; however, leaderless herds of males of up to 200 have been found. The guanaco can run at speeds up to 40 miles per hour and they are also strong swimmers. Their mating season is during August and September. They have a ten to eleven month gestation period. The babies can run soon after birth and are weaned at six to twelve weeks." The South American Camelids.

Photograph thanks to ArtToday.com

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