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Pictures of Chile
Isla Grande de Chiloé
Island of Legend and Lore - El Trauco

Chiloé is known for its rich, dark mythology. One of the most famous mythical creatures is El Trauco, a forest troll, seen here as a wooden statue in the Ancud plaza.

El Trauco

A deformed and ugly dwarf with course and swollen features, roughly dressed with a conical cap. His feet are mere stumps, his voice only grunts, he carries a stone axe or wooden club called "Pahueldún". He lives in the forest and possesses superhuman strength. With his little stone axe he can fell any tree, no matter how large or hard, in only three strokes. He walks with the aid of "Pahueldún". He is usually found seated between the trees weaving his clothes of bark.

He likes to chase and attack women with the intention of stealing their virginity. Despite his repugnant appearance, he engenders an irresistible attraction in the hearts of young girls and inspires erotic dreams. Once aroused, the girls arise and leave home, searching for him in the woods. With one look he seduces them, they fall to the ground whereupon he ravishes them.

If anyone tries to bother him he throws them into the air turning them rigid with deformed hands, arms and legs, killing them with his glance or leaving them to die within the year.
Chiloé: Mythology

El Trauco

El Trauco

Chiloe, Chile Chiloe, Chile

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