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Patagonia Patagonia is situated south of the Colorado River in Argentina. It is a plateau with an area of more than 770,000 sq km, and includes five provinces: Neuquén, Río Negro, Chubut, Santa Cruz, and Tierra del Fuego. It stretches from the Atlantic coast to the Andes, and is rich in wild life and different landscapes. The region was visited by the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan, in 1520. He named the region Patagonia because he saw that the Tehuelches native wore a kind of special big shoe, made of fur, to protect themselves from the cold (spanish: pata=foot).
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Perito Moreno Glacier by Aldo Sessa Perito Moreno Glacier is only one of the many glaciers you'll see in Patagonia. This iceberg floats in Lake Argentino. Iceberg, Lake Argentino by Aldo Sessa

Catalina Sampedro Arrublas

Charles Darwin wrote about Patagonia in his "Voyage of the Beagle," written in the mid-19th century: "The plains of Patagonia are boundless, for they are scarcely passable, and hence unknown: they bear the stamp of having lasted, as they are now, for ages, and there appears no limit to their duration through future time."

Cerro Catedral

San Carlos de Bariloche is a year round resort area, with skiing in the winter at Cerro Catedral and Lanín National Park. You'll enjoy Nahuel Huapi National Park at any time. Lake Nahuel Huapi is a glacial relic about 62 miles long and increasing tourism requires careful use. Lanín Volcano in Lanín National Park Lake Nahuel Huapi

thanks to www.australis.com Tierra del Fuego is one large island, called appropriately Isla Grande, divided between Chile and Argentina, and many small islands, Be prepared for surprisingly mild, but very changeable weather. From Ushuaia, you can take an Antartic cruise into Chile. Port of Ushuaia by Aldo Sessa

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