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Choose a Destination

South America is such a huge continent, with so many countries and things to see and do. How can you choose what best suits you?

Difficulty Level: Easy      Time Required: 5 minutes to several hours

Here's How:
  1. Know yourself.
  2. Evaluate your physical health and stamina.
  3. How much do you want to spend? You can go budget to first class plus.
  4. How much time do you have? Need a weekend getaway or do you have months for travel?
  5. Can you handle hot, humid climates? If not, forget the Amazon or the rain forests.
  6. Do you like to cram in as much as you can in one trip? Maybe a guided tour of several countries is right for you.
  7. Do you like to travel with others? Consider a tour with special interest groups, women-only, spiritual travel, seniors-only.
  8. Do you like poking about in ruins? You'll find plenty in Peru and on Easter Island.
  9. Do you like adventure travel? Try trekking and mountaineering in the Andes, scuba, kayaking. Explore the Falkland Islands.
  10. Do you like the nightlife? Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires and other large cities are waiting.
  11. Do you like soaking up sun on the beach? The white sands along the Caribbean Sea, Punta del Este, Brazilian beaches... oh yes.
  12. Do you like to ski or climb mountains? The ski resorts of Chile and Argentina are tops. Mt Acongacua beckons.
  13. Do you want a little bit of everything in one country? Chile and Argentina have multiple climates from desert to Patagonia, sophisticated cities and fabulous scenery.
  14. Do you like nature in the raw? The Amazon and the rain forests of Peru and Bolivia will make you think you're the first to see the wonders.
  15. Do you want to see unexplained sights? The Nazca lines in Peru will delight and perplex.


  1. Schedule your trip for your comfort.
  2. Take it easy the first few days in a different climate and altitude.
  3. Take lots of photos and a travel journal.

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