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Pack for Your Trip

Take too much or too little or not the right things? Consult these handy tips to make your packing work for you.

Difficulty Level: Easy Time Required: 60 minutes to several days before departure.

Here's How:
  1. Know your destination. Climates vary.
  2. Pack for the activities you'll be doing.
  3. Pack for your comfort.
  4. Pack clothing you can use in layers.
  5. Lay out all the clothes you think you'll need. Discard half. Work out combinations to get double and triple use from individual items. Stick to one or two color schemes.
  6. A bandanna has many uses: scarf, sunblock, sling, handkerchief, washcloth, etc.
  7. Pack extra prescription medications, or the prescription for filling at local pharmacies.
  8. Your own towel and sheets make the difference in budget travel.
  9. Pack underwear you can wash and dry overnight.
  10. Pack sunblock, insect repellant, hand sanitizers, tissues and toilet paper.
  11. Comfortable, already broken in shoes are a must. Bring walking shoes, sandals or shower clogs, a pair for dressier occasions, and socks.
  12. Roll your clothing instead of folding.
  13. Line your clothing with tissue paper or dry cleaner bags.
  14. Take maps of your destination(s) with you.
  15. Pack a foldable suitcase to use for purchases on your return trip.


  1. Read travelogues from other travelers for an idea what to expect.
  2. Use the 'Net to research your destinations.

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