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Pack for Temperate Climates

You'll need these for travel in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru and Uruguay. Clothing, cosmetics and items of personal hygiene are readily available in larger communities.

Difficulty Level: Easy Time Required: 60 minutes to several days before departure.

Here's How:
  1. Pack light.
  2. Pack quick-drying, light cotton clothes.
  3. Add a sweater, a light jacket and a compact umbrella.
  4. Pack shorts, pants, T-shirts, swimming suits, a long sleeved shirt, and underwear.
  5. Pack walking shoes and sandals or thongs, a dressier pair of shoes for nice occasions.
  6. Pack a dress or blouse and skirt for dressier occasions.
  7. Pack sunblock, insect repellant, hand sanitizers, tissues and toilet paper.
  8. Pack a hat.
  9. Take photocopies of your innoculations or vaccinations.
  10. If you're going to Patagonia, take warmer clothing and a warm sleeping bag.


  1. Read travelogues from other travelers for an idea what to expect.
  2. Don't overpack. Most items are readily available.
  3. Wear clothing in layers to add or remove as needed.

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