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Northern Chile

Atacama Desert "The coastal Atacama desert is the driest in the world and almost totally barren. The landscape of the moon offers an obvious comparison, except that the Atacama has as its backdrop the towering Andes, which block tropical storms from the Amazon Basin to the east. During the time of El Nino (changes in circulation of the sea surface occurring an average every seven years) there can be torrential rains in some areas of the desert, causing flash floods and sudden, ephemeral bursts of vegetation."
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Chinchorro Diorama Northern Chile occupies an area equivalent in size to two thirds of Italy. It appears barren and lifeless but has supported life for over 10,000 years. Evidence of man's presence here is found in the mummies dating from 18000 BC, the oldest in the world yet to be discovered. You can see them in the the museum of San Miguel de Azapa, near Arica, where this diorama shows the daily activities of fishermen at the end of the Chinchorro period some 2,000 years ago.

Salar de Atacama 300.000 hectares (741 acres) El Tatio Volcan Lauca in Lauca National Park Chuquicamata, world's largest open pit mine Chuquicamata, world's largest open pit mine San Pedro de Atacama Pukara de Lasana Desert near Copiapo Vicuna from Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory

Valle de la Luna More sightseeing, accommodations and tour information is available for Calama and San Pedro de Atacama, Chile, Arica, Chile, Vicuña and Ovalle, Chile , and Antofagasta and Tocopilla, Chile.

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