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Virtual Tour - Amazonia - South America Travel - About.com
A canopy of green spreads over a 2,030,000 square mile ecosystem that includes the Amazon River Amazon Forest (the largest and densest rainforest in the ...
An Overview of the World's Rainforests - Geography - About.com
A rainforest is a forest differentiated by high levels of precipitation - normally a minimum of at least 68-78 inches (172-198 cm) annually. Rainforests tend to have ...
Questions and Answers on the Tropical Rainforest Biome - Forestry
A complete overview of the tropical rainforest, rain forest health, tropical rainforest habitat and these forest's importance to our earth.
Tropical Rainforest Regions - Forestry - About.com
The tropical rainforest is located in four main regions or realms. Here is where tropical rainforests are located.
Amazon Rainforest - Environmental Issues - About.com
Preserving the Amazon rainforest in South America, as well as other rainforests worldwide, remains an important global environmental issue, even when the ...
Countries That Make Up the African Rainforest - Forestry - About.com
Review the 38 Countries with African rainforests, the rain forest issues, resources and threats to the afrotropical rainforest.
The World's Tropical Rainforest - Forestry - About.com
Rhett Butler in his excellent book, A Place Out of Time, refers to the regions as the Afrotropical, the Australian, the Indomalayan and the Neotropical rainforest ...
Land Biomes - Tropical Rain Forests - Biology - About.com
Wildlife in the tropical rain forest is very diverse. Animals include a variety of mammals , birds, reptiles , amphibians and insects. Examples are: monkeys, gorillas ...
CDR's (Zaire) Rainforest - Forestry - About.com
The Democratic Republic of the Congo is in Central Africa, northeast of Angola and south of the Democratic Republic of Africa. The rainforest occupies nearly all  ...
Rainforest - Geography - About.com
A definition of the geography term rainforest, from your About.com Guide to Geography.
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