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South America Travel - By Category

Plan Your Trip
Plan your trip to South America from choosing your destination to packing your bags, with information about required documents, health and safety, tours and specialized travel, reservation help, and travel and packing tips.

Countries & Territories
Click on a country for in-depth information, including trip planning, cities and regions, history, culture, geography and maps, events, photos, travel articles, country profile and sports and recreation.

Popular Destinations
Consult these resources for attractions, tours, getting there and when to go advice, tours, sports and recreational activities, plus lodgings, and where applicable, food and drink.

History & Culture
Explore the cultural facets of South America with these resources about languages, literature, film, music, dance, news and current events, religions, customs, art, handicrafts and special occasions.

Events & Holidays
Holidays, fiestas and festivals, whether religious or secular, hold a favored place in Latin American culture. Some, like Easter or Semana Santa, are celebrated throughout the continent. Others are country specific. Enjoy them all!

Food & Drink
Be prepared for your travel in South America with knowledge about the cuisine and food preparation. Browse through these resources for food and drink, customs, recipes that will bring the flavors of Latin America to your table.

Nature & Wildlife
Wildlife species, endangered species, conservation and ecological projects and focus areas, plus a photo gallery.

Pictures & Maps
Get inspired by these pictures and maps of South America before your visit, including photos of Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile, and more.

Tours & Packages
Plan your travels around South America with our comprehensive info about tours and vacation packages in South America.


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