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Arachnids - Spiders of Latim America

Spiders, habitats, locations, habits, danger.

Some Spiders of Latin America

Central and South America have their share of spiders, arachnids, ranging from the world's smallest to the world's largest, with a wide variety in between.

Biggest Spider; Goliath bird-eating spider

"These spiders are a sub-species of tarantula, which are the largest spiders in the animal kingdom. The biggest goliath spider on record had a legspan that measured just over 11 inches across! That's big enough to cover a dinner plate."

Brazilian Wandering Spider Care Sheet

"Brazilian Wandering Spiders are extremely fast, extremely venomous, and extremely aggressive. These large and dangerous true spiders are ranked among the most venomous spiders known to man. In fact, the Brazilian Wandering Spider is the most venomous spider in the New World!"

Fishing Spider from Ecuador

This pisaurid fishing spider from Ecuador displays a characteristic curved row of posterior eyes.

Poisonous Brazilian Spiders

Phoneutria - "Armed Spider", "Banana Spider", "Wandering Spiders", "South American Wandering Spider". The name "Banana Spider" was given because it usually found in banana trees, banana bunches and there have been cases where these spiders unintentionally appeared on banana boats heading for the United States and Europe.

Recluse Spiders

"The family consists not only of the recluse spiders, but also of the six-eyed crab spiders, genus Sicarius, of Central and South America, and South Africa."


Description of several spiders from Central and South America that have emigrated to other countries.

Venomous Spiders / poisonous spiders

Venomous Spiders (poisonous spiders) may not be such a big threat as many people believe. Antivenin against spider bite has become very effective and it's very seldom people actually dies from spider bites.

What is a Banana Spider?

"The phoneutria or South American banana spider is a large, aggressive spider with a body length of about 1.3" (3 cm). This banana spider primarily makes its home in the rain forests but can also be found in cities, where, between 1970 and 1980 it was reportedly responsible for the hospitalization of some 7,000 people in southeastern Brazil. "

Widow spider

'The widow spiders are members of the spider genus Latrodectus, in the family Theridiidae. Latrodectus includes approximately 31 recognized venomous species, with the black widow spider (Latrodectus mactans) being the best known member of the group." Known by different names in South America.
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