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Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tourism, sightseeing, geography, photos, maps, art and entertainment and attractions for the capital of Argentina. Buenos Aires is a large, sprawling city composed of neighborhoods, each with its own distinct flavor.
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The Best Restaurants in South America
Our top picks on the best places to eat in South America includes two restaurants in Buenos Aires.

5 Fun Activities for Families in Buenos Aires
Fun Family Activities in Buenos Aires

An Overview Of The Palermo District Of Buenos Aires

Don't Miss Attractions in Buenos Aires
If you've only a few days in Buenos Aires, you may be overwhelmed by all there is to see and do. Sightseeing, history, tango, nightlife, shopping, the famous barrios: what should you be usre to see? Here's a suggested list to give you a variety of choices, a sampling that this great sohisticated city that never sleeps has to offer.

Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Buenos Aires
One of the largest cities in South America and it can be confusing to decide where to stay in Buenos Aires, discover our top 5 picks for neighborhoods in Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires City Tour
Buenos Aires, on the banks of the Rio de la Plata, is composed of neighborhoods called barrios, and most of the sights of interest to visitors are located near the city center, where shopping, nightlife, restaurants, hotels and civic and historic buildings attract both residents and visitors.

Argentina and the Dead
A walk with photos through La Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires where Eva Peron and other Argentine notables are buried. Guest article by Les Inglis.

Buenos Aires - Exciting South American City and Port of Call
Buenos Aires and Argentina are fascinating cruise travel destinations. Cruise ships often sail up the river to Buenos Aires on itineraries from Rio de Janiero around Cape Horn to Valparaiso, Chile. Other ships use Buenos Aires as a starting point for cruises to the Falkland Islands and Antarctica.

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Big. sprawling Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is cosmopolitan and yet retains a neighborhood feel in the barrios. Sightseeing, nightlife, including the sensual tango, is a must in this sophisticated city.

The Best Art Festivals in South America
Buenos Aires has one of the best art festivals in South America.

Getting to Know Buenos Aires Guides
First trip or not, getting to know Buenos Aires involves more than well known attractions, hotels, restaurants, although that is important information, but also history, culture and insider knowledge. You'll find maps, nightlife, shopping, people watching, safety advice and a tremendous amount of good information about the capital of Argentina in these books.

Buenos Aires Hotels
Compare rates, amenities and ratings before clicking on a hotel link for details and online booking. From Kayak.

Tango Shows in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tango is part of the heart and soul of Buenos Aires. Visitors to the city can take in a tango show, learn the dance at a tango salon and marvel at the senuous and passionate moves of the dancers.

Top Luxury Hotels In Buenos Aires
The ultimate in luxury, where to stay in Buenos Aires.

Things to Do and See in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Buenos Aires is a city with deep anchors to the past and the ethnic and cultural heritages of its residents, but it is also the center of business, government and progressive development. Called the "Paris of the South," Buenos Aires is sophistication, sensual, and filled with things to do and see.

Getting To Buenos Aires
Ways and means of getting to the city by land, air and water from Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil and Chile.

Popular Restaurants in Buenos Aires
Restaurants in Buenos Aires are plentiful, with a wide assortment of menus and cuisines. Beef is still king in Argentina, and you can expect excellent steaks and meats, but you can also find international and specialty cuisine, particularly Italian and Mediterranean, reflecting the ethnic heritage of many Argentines.

A Walk through Recoleta Cemetery
A Walk through Recoleta Cemetery

Teatro Colon
Join guest author Les Inglis on a visit to Buenos Aire's venerable, and spectacular opera house.

Casino de Buenos Aires - Review
Take an exursion back in time on this floating casino in Buenos Aires' historic port district for an ample selection of gaming choices and a meal. The triple decker casino "Estrella de la Fortuna" opened in October 1999 and is reflective of the Mississippi riverboats of prior time.

Carlos Gardel
Musical selections for Carlos Gardel- the king of the tango. His musical ability, baritone voice, charm and tango-cancions about love, hate, infidelity, and crimes of passion propelled him to musical and film stardom.

Recoleta Cemetery
This mausoleum is an example of architecture in Cemeterio de la Recoleta.

Vegetarian Friendly Food in South America
Cities in South America with Vegetarian Food

The Best Steakhouses In Buenos Aires
Don't miss out on the best places to eat steak in Buenos Aires.

La Boca, Buenos Aires Photo Gallery
The La Boca barrio, or neighborhood, in Buenos Aires, grew up on the bank of the Riachuelo, a narrow canal where meat packers and warehouses serviced the city. Italian immigrants found a home here, and their hastily erected tin houses formed the basis of the residential area.

La Boca, the Most Colorful Barrio in Buenos Aires
The La Boca barrio, or neighborhood, in Buenos Aires, grew up on the bank of the Riachuelo, a narrow canal where meat packers and warehouses serviced the city. Italian immigrants found a home here, and their hastily erected tin houses formed the basis of the residential area. Caminito, a pedestrian street named for the famous tango, leads visitors past mulit-hued houses and shops in what is now a tourist attraction and an artist's colony.

How to spend a day in Buenos Aires
Only have one day in Buenos Aires? Check out our top picks for what to do in Buenos Aires.

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