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Attractions, events, things to do and see in Aregua.

Another Tourist Train

Scroll down for the blog about the day trup steam train ride from Asuncion to Aregua.

Aregua Travel Guide

Aregua is a beautiful city in Paraguay. One of the prettiest actually. It is located about 20 km from Asucnion and is right on the Ypacari Lake, the largest lake in Paraguay. It has beautiful colonial housing throughout the city with many rolling hills.

Aregua, Paraquay

The country's wealthy once flocked to this sleepy colonial town on the bank of Lake Ypacarai (which means "Water please, Mister"). Today its restored summer mansions are home to middle-class families, and its charming cobblestone streets are lined with pottery shops and art galleries that offer good quality handicrafts you won't find elsewhere.

Map of Aregua Area

The map shows the city and the lake,
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