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Mundo Marino - Sea World


Show de Orca  at Mundo Marino Argentina

Orca Mundo Marino Argentina

Roberto Ingledew

About Mundo Marino:

Calling itself El oceanario más grande de América del Sur, Mundo Marino in Argentina’s Buenos Aires province is a wildly popular attraction. In the summer months visitors may have long waits to get in the park, see the shows or enjoy the attractions, but the park is open all year around.

The park is the dream of developer Juan David Méndez who based the aquarium/oceanarium on aquariums and the training of orca whales and sea lions he’d seen in the US and elsewhere.

Purchasing the land in the 1960s, he and his family were ready to open the doors in the summer of 1977/1978 with pools for seals, fish and dolphins.
Over the years, training programs for animal trainers and marine wildlife grew brought professionals from around the world to study their methods. Today, "Mundo Marino has 20 properly distributed swimming-pools which lodge over 50 sea mammals, over 80 birds and a variable amount of fish and typically coastal animals" accordding to Oceanário Mundo Marino.

Getting There:

Find flights from your area to Buenos Aires and other locations in Argentina. You can also browse for hotels and car rentals.

Located at the base of Punta Norte del Cabo San Antonio, a peninsula separating the Atlantic Ocean and Bahía Samborombón, San Clemente del Tuyú in on the seacoast route between Buenos Aires and Mar del Plata, and is easily accessible from the latter beach resort.

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The address is
Av. Décima nº 157 - San Clemente del Tuyú
Buenos Aires - ARGENTINA
Tel. (02252) 430300 (rotativas) y 430304 / 306 / 202
Fax: (02252) 421501

Major Attractions:

  • Show de Orca: The trainers of Kshamenk demonstrate how these whales understand and communicate with games, rewards ad mimicry.
  • Bahía de Lobos: Buy some fish and feed the sea lions while you learn about their lives and habitats.
  • Show de Lobos Marinos: Enjoy the “Hotel Cinco Estrellas” comedy show where sea lions, elephant seals and other marine life attend to the guests at this imaginary hotel.
  • Anfiteatro del Lago: Pirate Island is a new show in which news of a shipwreck with a hidden treasure excites the residents of Puerto Cayman who embark on a treasure hunt competing against the pirate ship led by Captain Barraacuda.
  • Imagen Show: Enjoy the multi vision Legacy of Nature on the 18 meter screen and learn about the scientific research, care and feeding of the marine wildlife at Mundo Marino.
  • Estadio del Mar: Dolphins compete among themselves to amuse and thrill the specators.
  • Teatro Sorpresa: “Los Canta cuentos de Pinguy y Orky”. Pinguy and Orky and their friends Albatross, Medusa and a messenger dove present children's stories, songs and dances.
  • Encuentro Submarino: View the dolphins through a huge window port.
  • Tren de Paseo: Take the "La Tronchita" train through the park.
  • Lago Paraíso: View numerous birds, fish and flowers in this natural lake and waterfall area.
  • Albergue de Pingüinos: This penguin shelter houses Emperor penguins who came ashore to die but were rescued, cleaned and rehabilitated. Guides explain the efforts of the Centro de Rescate y Rehabilitación Provincial. Additionally, there are optional magical castles, dicing expeditions to an underwater Atlantis, a submarine ride, forest excursions and other pastimes. Enjoy an acoount of a visit by Roberto Ingledew to Mundop Marino. The photos with this article are displayed with the kind persmission of Sr. Ingledew.

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