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Top 6 Popular Cities in Argentina


These popular cities in Argentina attract business and leisure travelers for their variety of attractions, sports activities, fabulous scenery, charm and business and recreational facilities.

1. Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina  Argentina- Buenos Aires
YoTuT/yotut/flickr.com Creative Commons License
Big, sprawling Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is cosmopolitan, called the Paris of the South, and yet retains a neighborhood feel in the barrios. Sightseeing, nightlife, including the sensual tango, is a must in this sophisticated city.

2. Bariloche

Bariloche and Lake Nahuel Huapi
Peter and Jackie Main
San Carlos de Bariloche, commonly known as Bariloche, is a prime, all-season destination in Argentina's Patagonia. Summer sailing on Lake Nahuel Huapi, skiing, the lake crossing to and from Chile and a decidedly European ski chalet environment make Bariloche a favorite vacation spot.

3. Mar del Plata

Mar del Plata Las Rocas
Roberto Ingledew
Mar del Plata is Argentina's premiere beach resort, offering 17 kilometers of beaches, sports fishing, colonial architecture, a university, sports, zoo, casino and lively nightlife plus a number of parks and gardens to tempt the visitor.

4. Mendoza

Open Air Stadium Frank Romero Day, Parque San Martin,
Roberto Ingledew
The center of Argentina's wine industry, Mendoza is an all-seasons destination for climbers, hikers, skiers, rafters, bikers, paragliders, naturalists, trekkers, and oenophiles.

5. Cordoba

Called the Heartland of Argentina for its geographic location, Cordoba retains its colonial history and blends it with a modern tourism industry and a hefty assortment of recreational activities.

6. Ushuaia

On Beagle Channel, surrounded by water, sky and mountains, Ushuaia calls itself the End of the World. Cruise ships dock here for a quick onshore visit. Summer is ideal for trekking, horseback riding, mountain biking, sporting fishing and the most astounding tours along the Beagle Canal, Cape Horn and even the Argentine Antártida.
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