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Cali, Colombia

Attractions, tourism, sightseeing, geography, history, art, culture, sports, recreation and practical facts about Cali, the largest city in southwestern Colombia.

Cali, Colombia

Cali is Colombia's third largest city and a center for sugar and coffee industry. It enjoys terrific nightlife in the salsotecas, and visitors enjoy the historic center as well as excursions into the surrounding areas for sugar baron haciendas and the prime archaeological sites of San Augustin and Tierradentro.

Cali, Colombia Forecast

Current conditions and five day forecast.

Cali, Colombia

"Siendo de las más viejas, se la siente como la ciudad colombiana más joven de espíritu, gracias a la alegría de sus gentes y a una velocidad de crecimiento que transformó el villorrio con menos de cien mil habitantes de hace cincuenta años, en el tercer polo de desarrollo del país."

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Ciudadela Comercial Unicentro Cali

Shopping center with shops, restaurants, movie theaters, and various events.

Fotos de Cali - Colombia

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Move to Cali - Colombia Guide

Discussions about moving to Cali include housing, rentals and such.
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