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Callao, Peru

Callao was founded in 1537, two years after Lima and soon became the main port for Spanish commerce in the Pacific. It is still the main port for Peru, and a port of call and port of entry for Lima and the rest of the country. Lima's Jorge Chávez International Airport is located in Callao.

Callao Wildlife Boat Tour

"En route by boat, and at the Palomino Islands, you will observe rocky islands, dung birds, fishermen's boats at work, and a Humboldt penguin colony. Sea lions live in complete safety because there are no predators, and they will play, swim, jump and dive around you. This is a wildlife-lover's paradise."


"Callao (Spanish: El Callao) is the largest and most important port in Peru. The city is coterminous with the Constitutional Province of Callao, the only province of the Callao Region. Callao is located west of Lima, the country's capital, and is part of the Lima Metropolitan Area."

Callao, Peru

"Peru's foremost port, Callao has long enjoyed historical and commercial importance, having been founded in 1537, originally as a port of embarkation for merchandise to be shipped to Spain. Located 14 km from downtown Lima, Callao features colonial mansions, the Plaza Gálvez and Plaza Grau squares and the Iglesia Matriz church."

Callao: the Conquest & the Command

"Visit the Real Felipe Spanish military fortress with an exhibition of weapons, documents, military uniforms and relics dating back to 1730. See the Naval Museum's Capitan de Navío Julio C. Elías Exhibition with historical pieces from the Heroes of Angamos as well as relics of Admiral Miguel Grau--a Peruvian military hero."

La Punta and Callao Peru

"La Punta is situated on the ocean on the north side of Lima. Callao is the chief seaport of Peru." Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

Rana Verde in Callao, Peru

"The Rana Verde sits on pilings at the end of a dock in Callao, Peru. It's not for evening dining, but for an almuerzo peruano, a lunch that lasts all afternoon. It has a roof, and three sides, but the fourth side is open to the harbor of Callao, Peru's major port."
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