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Carnaval in Venezuela


Venezuela celebrates the carnaval, or carnival, festivities with dance, music, balloons, family festivities, lavish costumes and parades and a great deal of joy.

Although celebrated throughout the country forty days before Easter Sunday (check the dates for Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday, its the coastal cities who really throw a party.

Merging much of the Caribbean flair for music, dance and ethnic backgrounds, the city of El Callao enjoy dressing in costumes of royal courts: kings, queens, couriers, jesters as well as modern movie and cartoon characters.

"Los Tambores de Bariovento is a town that has a large black population due to the coffee and banana plantations that existed there in the colonial period. Thus carnival there use drums as their main theme which are complimented by various other wooden instruments which are mostly of African origin.

Los Diablos de Yare encompasses several cities and states and their carnival is celebrated with devils and horns. These devils are paying penance and the number of horns that these devils wear show the number of sins for which they are paying. These celebrations take place during the celebration of Corpus Christi and it is not surprising that most Venezuelans are of the Catholic denomination."
About Carnival in Venezuela.

One thing to beware, though. Carnival goers like to throw water balloons. Some of these may have been frozen and the ice can cause damage.

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Enjoy carnaval / carnival wherever you are!

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