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Isla Grande de Chiloe

Accommodations, sightseeing, geography, art and entertainment and more specific information for this mystical island in Northern Patagonia.

Historic Churches of Chiloé Photo Tour

In the 18th century, there were about 300 churches established on the large island and the smaller islands clustered in the Archipelago of Chiloé. The churches were part of the evangelical mission of the Roman Catholic Church and while almost every settlement had its own church, they shared the services of visiting priests who conducted services and dispensed the sacraments. Many of these churches are listed by UNESCO as cultural heritage sites.

Views of Isla Grande de Chiloé

The Chiloe Archipelago, in Chile's Northern Patagonia, has long been a place of mystery and mysticism. Famous for seafood, handicrafts, and the warmth of its people, Chiloé is a scenic and an increasingly popular destination for walking, biking, fishing, paddling and birding.

Isla Grande de Chiloé - Island of Legend and Lore

The Chiloe Archipelago, in Chile's Northern Patagonia, has long been a place of mystery and mysticism and an increasingly popular destination for walking, biking, fishing, paddling and birding.

Golfo del Corovado

A scenic picture of the stretch of water between the southern end of the Isla Grande de Chiloé and the mainland.

Views of Chiloe Island

Ancud and other communities, water scenes and wildlife.

Altue Chile Sea Kayaking

4 days and 3 nights based in Castro, Dalcahue, and Chauques Islands.

Ancud en la isla de Chiloe

"ANCUD: ubicada en el extremo norte de la Isla Grande de Chiloé, Ancud es una ciudad de aproximadamente 40.000 habitantes."


"Ancud introduces visitors to the distinctive charm of the Chiloè archipelago, off Chile's southern coast. Located on the northern point of the main island, Isla Grande, Ancud takes visitors back in time. While the town grew rapidly at the beginning of the century, when it was a center of international trade, it has since returned to its origin as a fishing port."

Ancud, Chile - Chilean Patagonia

Tourism, places to stay and dine, things to see and do, photo gallery and background information.

Chiloe churches

Photos and history of Chiloe's churches, established by Jesuits and later Franciscan friars. Some are on UNESCO's list of cultural heritage sites.

Chiloe Island Chile, Nothern Patagonia

"The Isla Grande of Chiloé is South America's largest island and among its most striking cultural anomalies. Divided by the gentle peaks of the Coastal Range, Chiloé's eastern and western coasts are two worlds apart."

Chiloe Island

Across from Puerto Montt at the northern edge of Patagonia.

Chiloe Island

"This beautiful archipelago located south of Puerto Montt and linked to the mainland by ferries which cross the Chacao channel, is definitely a world apart."

Chiloe Island, Chile

"All those who visit Chiloé are charmed by its beauty. This is a place where an exuberant nature goes hand-in-hand with a friendly people, the creators of a fantastic mythology, a particular gastronomy and whose assets include 150 churches and chapels built by Jesuit miss during the 18-19th centuries. Today they have applied to the UNESCO for recognition as a World Heritage."

Chiloe Island, Chile 

Excellent photos by Galen R Frysinger, with links to more of his travel photos.


"Chiloé balances wild, unbridled nature with one of South America's most remarkable traditional cultures. Renowned for its seafood, its woolen handicrafts, and the warmth of its people, Chiloé is still a largely unknown destination for walking and biking, fishing, paddling and birding."

Chiloeweb, el portal de Chiloe, Chile

Local portal with news, local events, photos, commercial sites, maps, churches, sports, art and entertainment plus tourism.

Isla Grande de Chiloé, Chile

Portal to the island includes news, tourism, photographs, events, lodgings, history, folklore and practical facts for the visitor.

Mapa - Isla Grande de Chiloé, Chile

Interactive map shows cities, highways, airports and the islands surrounding the main island.

Mitología Chilota, Chiloé Myths

Aquatic and eath myths about Chiloe, plus a description of witchraft and personnages popular in Chiloe's rich mythical experience.

Photo Gallery of Isla Grande de Chiloé, Chile

Photos of Ancud, Castro, Chonchi, Quellon, Curaco de Velez and other sites.

Picture gallery with 16 pictures from Ancud

Click on a thumbnail for a larger image of seascapes and wildlife.

Taller Esperanza

This group of artisans offer textiles and woolens for home and personal wear.

Un Paseo por El Tepual: Parque Nacional de Chiloe

Enjoy Clarence Fisk's report, in Spanish, of a trip to El Tepual, a national park on the island of Chiloe, with photos of scenery and lush vegetation.

Visit Chiloe through Cyril Christensen's eyes . . .

Sensitive photo images and poetry represent "traditional methods from simpler times past, the Chilote people base their livelihood on fishing, farming, and clamming. The rhythm of Life here is not controlled by the pages of the calendar nor by the ticks of the clock, but by the changes and the forces of Nature."
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