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What to do in Santiago Chile
Chile's capital city, discover the best of what to see and do in Santiago.

Santiago de Chile
Chile's capital city is cosmopolitan, the financial, cultural, and political center of the country. It's graced with tree-lined streets, parks, distinctive neighborhoods, ample assortment of restaurants and hotels. In addition to its own attractions, Santiago is near ski resorts, beach resorts and the ideal base for excursions into the Central Valley and either extreme of Chile.

What to Do in Santiago, Chile
Santiago, Chile's capital, spreads between the Andes and the coastal range, streches between the Rio Mapocho and the Rio Maipo, and within these natural boundaries, offers a number of scenic, cultural and historical attractions easily seen in a few days. Exploring beyound the city limits, sporting and recreational activities are easily available.

Walking Tour of Central Santiago
This walking tour of Central Santiago includes visits to a number of Santiago landmarks all easily accessible from the historic Plaza de Armas.

La Casa Colorada y la Historia de Chile
La Casa Colorada is one of the few remaining colonial buildings in Santiago. It houses the Museum of Santiago's history, including a number of dioramas representing key moments in the city and country's history.

Santiago de Chile: Son Solo 15 Kilometros De Historia - Part 1
This multi-part feature from guest author Clarence Fisk is a report of a stroll along Santiago's Alameda to see and photograph the monuments and statuary along the way. The feature is in Spanish, but click the thumbnails for the enlarged image and translation in English in the Son Solo 15 Kilometros De Historia Photo Gallery.

Ski South America!
As spring and summer sun melts the snow in the Northern Hemisphere, savvy skiers pack up and travel south to the great ski centers in South America where the ski season begins in mid-June and runs to October. You'll find the best conditions in July and August. The skiing in the southern Andes of Argentina and Chile is world famous.

Popular Restaurants in Santiago
These popular restaurants are only a few of Santiago's many restaurants, from the large and lavish to the tiny neighborhood bistro. Offering a variety of cuisines, with a generous use of Chile's produce and an assortment of Chilean wines, these fine restaurants will get you started on a gustatory exploration of Santiago's culinary delights.

Excursions from Santiago
Day or weekend trips include ski resorts, wineries, natural reserves, arts and craft markets, plus places to camp, hike, raft, ride horses, picnic and sightsee.

Santiago Hotels
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