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Amazing Race 7 - Second Stop: Chile


Arequipa Volcan Misti Peru

View of Volcan Misti from Arequipa, Peru

Katie Duran

Following instructions received at the La Compañía Church in Cuzco at the first pit stop of The Amazing Race 7, the remaining ten teams head to the bus terminal to catch a bus to Arequipa, Peru. Reading their next destination, some of the team members pronounce Arequipa in various ways, but most often as Areh kwi pah.

Although the teams arrived in staggered groups during the night, they all take the same bus in the morning. During the ten hour bus ride, some of the teams form friendships, others form alliances.

In Arequipa , called the White City for the construction material from nearby volcanoes, one member of each team doesn’t see much of the city as their gazes are directed down to the shoes they are instructed to shine in order to claim the next clue. Once he or she, accompanied by a licensed shoe shine expert, shines five pairs of shoes, for one Peruvian sol each, that member races back to the starting point. They hand over the money to the Shoeshine Association and get the clue for the next destination: Santiago , which some team members pronounce as San Diego.

They take two flights and arrive in Santiago where the next clue directs them to Cerro San Cristobal, the highest hill in the city. There, they take the funicular railway to the base of the statue of the Virgen Mary. See the large map of Central Santiago. Cerro San Cristobal is not visible on this map, but it is located across the river to the northeast of the centro.

They now have a Detour choice: Shop or Schlep. If they choose to shop, they are directed to Donde August Restaurant in the Mercado Central, located in Parque Forestal along the Mapocho River. Donde Augusto is a Santiago favorite for seafood, and here the teams must request a recipe, buy the ingredients for Corvina al Horno in the market, then take the ingredients to the Restaurant for checking. If acceptable, they receive an envelope with the next clue. If not, they correct their mistake and try again.

If they choose to schlep, their task is to find the Libreria Chilena bookstore, load 180 books on a dolly and take them to the Biblioteca Nacional de Chile, located on Avenida Libertador Berardo O'Higgin, also called the Alameda. The National Library is a national monument, with over six million books and art work by Chilean artists. Constructed between 1914 - 1927, the main façade is in the 'beaux arts' French style popular at the end of the 19th century.

More of the teams opt not to spend their money shopping and choose to sclep books, risking spillage and getting lost, along the busy atreets to the library. Those who choose to shop are helped along by the vendors in the market, and overcome their lack of money.

Their next clue directs them to the statue of Neptune in the lower reaches of Cerro Santa Lucia, a garden park in the center of the city. Here, Rob and Amber of Survivor 8: All- Stars fame are the first team to arrive and win a vacation in the Caribbean following the race. (Haven't they had enough of tropical islands?) Megan and Heidi the last team to arrive and therefore the second team eliminated from the race.

Next stop: ??? Previews show the teams on bikes through a mountainous barren terrain. Any ideas where?

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