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Christmas in South America

Customs and traditions from some of the South American countries

Christmas Hiking In Peru
Apus Peru Adventure Travel specialise in unique treks to little known places – their routes cross remote mountain ranges, skirt around snow capped peaks and visit out of the way communities. Yet their latest offerings – Christmas hikes – take the idea of participative tourism to a new level.

Christmas in Cuzco, Peru
Celebrating the Nino Manuelito, the Andean version of the Baby Jesus, in Cusco is an eye-opening and heart-filling experience for the author.

Christmas in Ecuador
Christmas in Ecuador is a colorful celebration incorporating traditional religious events with local traditions. Enjoy the festive Pase del Niño Viajero in Cuenca and the Pesebres, novenas, Cena de Nochebuena and Misa del Gallo in Quito and other Ecuadorian communtities and top off the holiday season with the Fiesta de Año Viejo.

Christmas in Salvador, Bahia
Christmas in Salvador, Bahia is a combination of religious celebrations, ethnic traditions and pageantry. You're sure to enjoy the festivities, but no matter where you are for the season, Boas Festas e Feliz Ano Nova!

Christmas in South America with your Guide
Memories and traditions.

Top Special Interest Books about South America
These books cover a wide range of interests, from Crhistmas, holidays, weddings, celebrations of the dead and shamanism.

A Guide to Christmas in Venezuela
Christmas traditions in Venezuela

Christmas in Bolivia
Christmas celebrations in Bolovia.

Christmas in Peru
Christmas traditions in Peru

Christmas Traditions in Argentina
Christmas Traditions in Argentina

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