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Chubut Province of Argentina

Attractions, scenery, wildlife viewing, tourism, photos and maps of Chubut province.
  1. Puerto Madryn (9)

Cabañas Nueva Leon

Rent one of these cabins as a base for your excursions around Puerto Madryn and Peninsula Valdes.

Chubut province

Map and description from www.argentour.

Comodoro Rivadavia, Chubut

"Sheltered by the mythical Mount Chenque, Comodoro Rivadavia presents interesting tourist proposals to see its surroundings. Lovers of sport fishing may go on boat or shore outings. The endless beaches of Villa Rada Tilly, where windcar driving is practiced may be appreciated."

Data Wales: A note on the Welsh settlement in Patagonia.

"In the 19th. century many Welsh people, unhappy with conditions at home, left for new pastures overseas. Most of these headed for America but just a few sailed for the even more exotic destination of Patagonia in South America."

Gaiman, la colonia Galesa

Esta pequeña localidad (alrededor de 6000 habitantes) del Valle Inferior del Río Chubut es el símbolo mayor de la colonización galesa en la Patagonia.

Hosteria Canela

Small exclusive, owner-hosted bed and breakfast inn in Esquel, Chubut.

Puerto Piramides and Peninsula Valdes - Patagonia

"Puerto Pirámides is a beach resort frequented by lovers of nature, and will provide an unforgettable experience to anyone who travels in the area. Its beaches with their gentle slopes are protected by cliffs resembling pyramids, where there are fossilized invertebrates of more than 9 million years."

Rawson, Argentina - Rawson City

"The capital of the province of Chubut, Rawson City, has a population of approximately 122.000 inhabitants. It has numerous beaches where many sports can be practised in a permanent connection with nature." Maps, photos, tours, activities, hotels, restaurants, and more for Rawson and the surrounding area.

Trelew, Argentina - Patagonia Argentina

"Owner of a special atmosphere, Trelew deserves to be travelled with peace, while ears, eyes and spirit are open to the secrets hidden in every corner..It is permanent see of the Eistedvod, an annual Celtic meeting performed only in Wales and in this province."
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