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Facts and photos of the largest open-pit copper mine in the world

Atacama Desert: Second Stop on The Amazing Race 11

Leaving Ecuador, the remaining ten teams head for Santiago, Chile, where they solve a letter puzzle directing them to Chile's Atacama Desert, the vast open pit mine of Chuquicamata and ultimately the Valley of Death and San Pedro de Atacama.

Cronicas de un Chileno en España

Clarence Fisk used to live in Chuquicamata and has traveled extensively through South America. Here are some of his travel journals, written in Spanish.

Atacama Desert

Find out a bit more of the area around Chuquicamata, also called Chuqui.

Chilex Weekly

This is a site maintained by an ex Chuquicamatino for other residents of Chuquicamanta and includes photos, articles, letters, reminiscences and charitable efforts. (You might even find your Guide in there!)

Chile Airlines

Airline with travel and tour information to Chuqui and other Chilean destinations.


Description from The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition Copyright ©2000, Columbia University Press.


Portal to Corporación Nacional Del Cobre.

Map of Northern Chile

Antofagasta and surrounding area.
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