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Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela

Once a sleepy river town on the Orinoco river in the Guayanas region, Ciudad Bolivar is the capital of Venezuela's largest state, Bolivar, growing fast, and the center of tourism for the area, including Angel Falls and the Parque Nacional Canaima.

Things to Do and See

Ciudad Bolivar, on the Orinoco river, is a fast growing city of the gran sabana and Orinoco plains. Founded in 1764, at the narrowest point of the Orinoco, it was originally a river town called Angosturas, then gained prominence during the time of Simon Bolivar and is now a commercial center for Guyanas state and the jumping off point for Angel Falls and Canaima National Park.

Ciudad Bolivar Weather

Map, current and 6 day weather forecast, photos, and more information about the area.

Ciudad Bolivar

Some photos and descriptions, with a bit of history, of the largest city on the Orinoco river. In Spanish.

Ciudad Bolívar - Photos

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Ciudad Bolívar

"Ciudad Bolívar is located 591 km from Caracas, 296 km from Barcelona, 1126 km from Maracaibo, 804 km from Barquisimeto and 1065 km from Mérida. It can be reached by road from El Tigre (Anzoategui State) and Ciudad Guayana and planes fly in to the Ciudad Bolívar airport."

Ciudad Bolívar

"Ciudad Bolivar's historic centre is in a good state of preservation, with charming colonial buildings around the "Plaza Bolivar", including a cathedral. It today serves as an important port of eastern Venezuela on the Orinoco River."

Ciudad Bolívar, Venezuela

"The river front boulevard, Paseo Orinoco, is a popular place for a stroll, with old buildings lining one side of the street and the river running along the other. There is also a beautifully restored colonial quarter. The area surrounding Plaza Bolívar features a number of boldly painted colonial structures and façades."

Day 38 Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela

Account of a bus trip from Caracas to Ciudad Bolivar.

Map of Bolivar State

Map shows location of the state within Venezuela, and a listing, in Spanish, of Venezuelan attractions.
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