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Colombian Art, Culture and Entertainment

Art and culture, food and drink, music, dance, film, museums, indigenous people, sports and recreation, nightlife, literature, language, education and cultural events in Colombia.

The Best Salsa Clubs in Medellin
Discover the hottest salsa clubs to dance the night away in Medellin.

What Salsa School Should You Choose In Cali, Colombia?
Cali is certainly one of the world capitals for salsa with many options for salsa dancing. If you are itching to learn check out these schools.

South America's Best Cities for Street Art
Where you can find the best street art in South America.

Emeralds of Colombia
Mined for centuries before the Spaniards arrived, these fabulous gems are prized now as they were then.

Cuisine of Colombia, Venezuela, the Guianas and Suriname
The cuisine of South America stems from a variety of cultural backgrounds, available produce, foods and cooking styles. You'll find local favorites varying from country to country, even within regions, but you'll also find international favorites and the ubiquitous fast food places.

Semana Santa
n Colombia, the most famous Semana Santa celebrations take place in Popayán and Mompox, where the Spanish colonial forces built six churches and a chapel, all used in the Semana Santa observations.

Treasures from the Museo del Oro
Bogota's famous museum holds more than 33,000 items of gold, emeralds and other precious materials crafted in pre-Hispanic times. A very few are displayed in these photos.

Recipes from Colombia
Colombian cooking calls for local fruits and vegetables, seafood, and of course, coffee.

Get Inspired by South American Poets
Get inspired to travel with these South American Poets

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