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Countries and Territories of South America


Each of the countries and territories of South America is unique and offer a number of attractions, scenic marvels, distinctive cultures and things to do and see. Some countries have an established tourism infrastructure, others are developing their tourism options at a slower pace, but all offer rewarding sightseeing experiences.
  1. Atlantic Countries
  2. Caribbean Countries
  3. Landlocked Countries
  4. Pacific Countries

Atlantic Countries

These countries face the Atlantic with its warmer waters and enjoy varied climates, cultures and attractions, from the Amazonian jungles to the high plains of Patagonia. The highest mountain in South America, awesome waterfalls, glaciers, beach resorts and highly sophisticated cities share the allure of almost isolated, way way off the beaten track locales.

Caribbean Countries

These countries and territories have mixed cultures, ethnic backgrounds and histories, but they share a common bond with the islands of the Caribbean in cuisine, music and lifestyles.

Landlocked Countries

Although both these countries are enclosed by others, lacking a seacoast, they do have rivers leading to the sea.

Pacific Countries

Facing the colder waters of the Pacific ocean, these countries share a common feature, the Andes, and a wide variety of climates, from coastal desert to verdant forests and, in some areas, contribute to the Amazon basin. Vibrant cities, scenic attractions and archaeological ruins attract visitors who enjoy the culture and cuisine.

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