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"Argentina, meaning "land of silver," is a rich and vast land—second largest (after Brazil) in South America and eighth largest in the world. Its heartland is a broad grassy plain known as the Pampas (pronounced PAHM-pahs). Here Argentina's gaucho, like the U.S. cowboy, has galloped into the country's folklore."

Argentina FactBook

Introduction, Maps, Geography. People. Government, Economy, Communications, Transportation, Military and Transnational Issues prepared and maintained with regular updates from the US Central Intelligence Agency.


Introduction; Land and Resources; Population; Education and Culture; Economy; Government; History from MSN Encarta.

Country profile: Argentina

"A country of diverse terrain, Argentina is nearly 4,000 km long from the subtropical north to the subantarctic south. It encompasses part of the Andes mountain range, swamps, the large plains of the Pampas, and a lengthy coastline. In the recent past Argentines have had to struggle with military dictatorship, a lost war over the Falkland Islands, and severe economic difficulties."

Internet Cafes International Argentina

Internet cafes by location and address, some with a rating or additional information.

US Consular Sheet

Entry and exit requirements plus consulate and embassy information for US citizens, safety and security, crime, medical facilities and health, traffic and transportation data, plus adoption information.
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