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Be prepared for your travel in South America with knowledge about the cuisine and food preparation. Browse through these resources for food and drink, customs, recipes that will bring the flavors of Latin America to your table.
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Popular Beer in South America
With strong influences with Italian and German settlements, beer in South America is a great way to learn about its culture.

What is Rodizio in Brazil?

Traditional Dishes in Uruguay
Discover the best Uruguayan food with the most traditional food of Uruguay.

The Best Wineries in South America
South America is home to many fantastic vineyards, discover the best wineries to visit in South America.

5 Epic Drinks To Try In South America
Here are five great alcoholic drinks that you need to try in South America.

The Best Sushi in South America
South America isn't known for its sushi but with great seafood and Japanese influence you may be surprised there are great options for sushi in South America.

5 Peruvian Dishes You Must Try in Peru

Discover the Best Restaurants in Guayaquil
Ecuadorian food is fantastic, especially its seafood, check out the best restaurants in Guayaquil to discover where the locals recommend.

The Best Restaurants in South America
Our top picks on the best places to eat in South America.

The Best Food and Wine Festivals in South America
Where to find the best gastronomy festivals in South America.

South American Recipes and Cooking Techniques
Get hundreds of recipes for the best South American food dishes from About.com's Guide to South American Food and Cooking.

Latin Caribbean Recipes and Cooking Techniques
Recipes, food preparation, and tips with a Caribbean flavor from About.com's Guide to Latin Caribbean Food.

Cuisine of South America
The cuisine of South America stems from cultural backgrounds, available produce foods and cooking styles. You'll find local favorites varying from country to country, even within regions, but you'll also find international favorites and the ubiquitous fast food places.

South American Food
Take a closer look at the ingredients and native foods abundant in South American cooking, from apptetizers to desserts, with a toohsome array in between.

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee
Your next latte, expresso, cafe au lait, or plain cup of coffee might just have come from South America, one of the world's producers of fine coffee

Caipirinha, anyone?
Brazil's national drink, made with limes, sugar, water and the sugar cane brandy known as cachaça is an international favorite. Check out these recipes in various languages and enjoy a taste of Brazil wherever you are!

In Search of the Perfect Empanada
These Latin American pastries, filled with seafood, meat, cheese, vegetables or fruit are wildly popular. Check out these recipes, or send in your choice for the perfect empanada.

Dining Out
Where to eat and what you need to know about breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Hot Chile Peppers - Red, Green and Yellow Capsicum
Hot chile peppers come in many varieties and are a staple ingredient in many of our favorite ethnic foods. Did you know that Capsicum, the official name for peppers, comes originally from Central and South America? Learn more about these zippy heat pods that Columbus sent back to Spain to add spice to home cooking.

Pisco is the almost national drink in Peru and Chile. First created in Peru, now it's the subject of intense discussion between Peru and Chile: who owns the appelation rights? Some people don't care, they simply enjoy the product!

Cuy - A Traditional Andean Entree
Visitors to the Andean regions might turn up their noses at being served cuy, or guinea pig, but this is a traditional entree and served a number of ways, but almost always with a spicy, pepper sauce and potoates or rice. Try it - you just might like it!

Parrillada Mixta - Recipes and Variations
No matter where you travel in Latin America, you'll find grilled meat, carne asada, on the menu. Seafood and poultry are also grilled at parrillas, restaurants specializing in grilled foods.

Yerba Mate - Background and Preparation
One of South America's most favorite beverages, yerba mate is an herbal tea with medicinal properties affecting overall health, vigor and endurance. Sharing a mate with close friends and family strenghtens the bonds of friendship and good will.

Top Cookbooks for South American Cuisine
Latin American cuisine blends ingredients found in South and Central America with traditional recipes from other countries, adds its own salsa and sizzle, and comes up with an array of flavors and cuisine all its own which you can try at home.

Discover Colombia Through its Regional Cuisine
Typical Colombian food according to each region in the country.

Who Invented Pisco Sour
There is much debate over who invented pisco sour, both Chile and Peru claim to be the original home and both countries have strong arguments.

Culinary Capitals of South America
Where to eat in South America

A Guide to Experiencing the Best of Cafayate
What to see and do in Cafayate

Discover Ecuador Through its Regional Cuisine
Guide to Ecuadorian food.

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