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Cuisine of Paraguay, Uruguay and the Falkland Islands

Guarani and European Influences


Cuisine of Paraguay, Uruguay and the Falkland Islands:

Guarani cooking styles and names are reflected in the Paraguayan diet. Fruit, vegetables and meat are consumed along with manioc and corn.

Soft drinks and fruit juices are popular. Maté is a national drink, taken either cold as tereré, or hot. Mosto is a sugar-cane juice, the alcoholic version is caña. Beer is good, but order Chilean or Argentine wine. Try these Recipes from Paraguay. When in Paraguay, be sure to try:

  • Parrillada: various cuts of meat cooked over coals as in Argentina
  • Mazamorroa: corn mush
  • Sopa paraguaya: corn bread with cheese and onion
  • Mbaipy-so-ó: corn pudding with chunks of meat
  • Bori-bori: chicken soup with cornmeal dumplings
  • Sooyo sopy: soup with ground meat, served with rice or noodles
  • Mbaipy-he-é;: dessert of corn, milk and molasses
  • Chipa soo: ; corn bread with a meat filling
  • Chipa : manioc bread with egg and cheese

    Uruguay reflects European traditions in some of its cuisine, as well as influences from neighboring countries. Meat is a staple at meals and parilladas are common. Local sausages are very tasty.

    Soft drinks and juices are everywhere. Ask for café cortado for strong coffee with a little milk, café con leche for half coffee, half milk. Maté is very popular. Try a clericó, which is white wine and fruit juice, or medio y medio, which is white wine and sparkling wine. Beer is good.

    Uruguayan desserts are good, too. Try chajá , sponge cake with cream and jam, pastries, and lemon pie. When in Uruguay, try:

  • Parrilla: grilled meats, Argentine style
  • Puchero: beef, vegetables, chicken, bacon, beans and sausages
  • Chivito: steak sandwich with lettuce, bacon, tomato cheese; a larger version is chivito al plato
  • Olympicos: club sandwich with bacon, lettuce and tomato
  • Cazuela: soup made with either seafood or tripe

    Falkland Islands
    The Falkland Islands, due to their isolated location, rely on local produce, much grown hydroponically, and lamb or mutton for the bulk of the diet. Much of the cuisine reflects the English heritage, and snack bars and hotel restaurants provide meals.

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