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Holidays, fiestas and festivals, whether religious or secular, hold a favored place in Latin American culture. Some, like Easter or Semana Santa, are celebrated throughout the continent. Others are country specific. Enjoy them all!
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The Carnaval Celebrations Of Barranquilla, Colombia
When many think of carnaval in South America in Rio de Janeiro, but every year in the Colombian city of Barranquilla there is another vibrant and fascinating carnaval that is worth celebrating.

What to do in South America in May 2013
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What to do in South America in April 2013
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What's happening in South America in September 2012
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Festivals throughout the Year in South America
Browse through the calendar of events by country for an event during your travels.

Semana Santa
Semana Santa, Holy Week, is the most important religious festival in South America. The most famous week-long celebrations are in Peru, Chile and Colombia.

Bastille Day in South America?
French Guiana is a department of France, not an independent nation, and celebrates the storming of the Bastille in the French way: lots of good food and wine!

Dia de la Raza
October 12 (or the nearest Monday to it) is traditionally observed throughout the Americas as the day Christopher Columbus arrived in 1492.

Dia de Todos los Santos
Día de Todos Santos, or All Saints Day, is celebrated throughout Latin America in conjunction with All Souls Day as a reaffirmation of life and a way to honor saints and the dead.

Dia del Trabajador
If you are traveling in Latin America on the first day of May, you can expect to find banks, government offices, stores, post offices and businesses closed for the day as people celebrate the International Worker's Day.

Fiesta de la Virgen de la Candelaria
The festival, sometimes lasting days, is a mix of Christian and pagan religions and is celebrated in Bolivia, Peru, Uruguay, Chile and Venezuela on February 2.

Argentina's Independence Day - July 9
Argentina celebrates Independence Day on July 9, the day in which the Acta de la Declaración de la Independencia Argentina, the proclamation declaring independence from Spain was signed in Tucuman, one of Argentina's oldest cities.

Fiesta del Gran Poder
The merging of pre-Columbian religions and the Roman Catholic faith created a number of religious observations, including the Fiesta del Gran Poder celebrated primarily in La Paz, Bolivia. The event began in the late 1930's with a small number of dancers and is today a huge event.

In the house of the Negrillos
There are festivals that leave you smiling so hard your cheeks ache. The Festival of the Virgin of Carmen, held annually in the high Andean village of Paucartambo is one such event. It is simply unforgettable and ranks high as a “must do” event if you are in Cusco in July.

Inti Raymi, Festival of the Sun
This week long celebration in Cuzco, Peru draws hundreds of thousands of visitors and is the second largest festival in South America.

Virgen del Carmen Festival - Colorful Peruvian Festival
The annual Fiesta de la Virgen del Carmen is a colorful mix of Andean pre-Columbian ceremonies and Catholic religion in which masked, costumed dancers relive ancient gods and rites.

Natalicio de Artigas: Uruguayan national holiday
Uruguay's greatest national hero is celebrated with a national holiday, the Natalicio de Artigas, on the day of his birth, June 19.

Festa de Iemanja
The Goddess of the Sea and Mother of the Waters is worshipped on New Year's Eve in Rio de Janeiro and on August 15 in Salvador.

Semana Santa in Ouro Preto, Brazil
The Easter Week celebrations in the magnificent colonial city of Ouro Preto, in Brazil's southeastern state of Minas Gerais, feature some of the country's most spectacular Holy Week processions.

Tiradentes - Joaquim Jose da Silva Xavier
Joaquim José da Silva Xavier, known as Tiradentes, or tooth-puller, was executed in 1792 for his role in encouraging Brazilian independence from Portugal, and is today honored each April 21st as the Civic Patron of the Brazilian nation.

Feria del Orinoco
Feria del Orinoco, or Orinoco Festival, takes place in late August when the Orinoco river is at it highest, and includes aquatic sports, zapoara fishing competitions, music, dance and many cultural and educational events.

Chile's Fiestas Patrias
Chile's Fiestas Patrias celebrate Chile's independence from Spain and run for a week prior to the Dieciocho festivities on September 18, with regional activities such as the Pampilla de Coquimbo, Semana del Folclor and other events celebrating Chilenidad.

Cuasimodo Celebrations - Correr a Cristo
The Santiago metropolitan area re-enacts the tradition of armed huasos guarding parish priests in colonial times, who went forth to take the Holy Sacraments to the elderly and infirm who couldn't get to church on Easter Sunday, with a Mass and processions.

Fiesta de la Virgen de las 40 Horas
The small city of Limache swells to three or four times its population in the last week of February when penitents and the faithful flock to the city for the annual celebrations of the La Virgen de las 40 Horas, the Feast of the Virgin of 40 Hours.

Fiesta de San Sebastian de Yumbel
Every January 20 and March 20, thousands of pilgrims journey to Yumbel, in Chile's spectacular Lake District to participate in the Feast Day of San Sebastián, the patron saint of archers, soldiers, enemies of religion and others. The celebrations are colorful and pious.

Glorias Navales
Chile annually celebrates the naval victories of the War of the Pacific on May 21. The Battle of Iquique and the capture of the iron monitor Huáscar were major turning points in the war with Peru and Bolivia.

La Fiesta Grande - Andacollo, Chile
Andacollo is a small town in central Chile and the annual Fiesta Grande, a religious gathering on December 24-26 to worship the patron saint of local mines, La Virgen del Rosario (The Virgin of the Rosary), brings thousands of worshippers who also enjoy the secular festivities associated with the fiesta.

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Ano Nuevo Aymara In Bolivia
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The 'La Rural' Festival Of Buenos Aires
La Rural festival in Buenos Aires celebrates agriculture in Argentina.

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