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Music and Dance of South America

Enjoy the varied musical heritage of South America, from thnic instruments to today's favorites.

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Dancing Your Way Around South America
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Carlos Gardel, Tango Legend
Raised in poverty in Buenos Aires, Carlos Gardel became the king of the tango. His musical ability, baritone voice, charm and tango-cancions about love, hate, infidelity, and crimes of passion propelled him to musical and film stardom, and when he died in an airplane crash in 1935, Buenos Aires shut down to mourn him.

Music from South America - Salsa
Merging the Puerto Rican, Cuban, Colombian, Venezuelan, Panamanian, and Dominican afro-caribbean rhythms with North American Jazz and Rock resulted in salsa, first developed in New York. It's now a world-wide favorite.

Folklore and Ethnic Music of South America
Tradtional songs and dances, musical instruments, folksongs and contemporary music from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Ecuador, Uruguay, and Venezuela, plus protest songs from various countries.

Music and Musicians
South America has as many musical styles as there are countries, regions and ethnic groups. From the Andean pipes to the pervasive sounds of Latin jazz, infectious samba beat, tangos, mambos, salsa, cumbia, classic artists to the new kid on the block - learn and listen to the Latin sound to enhance your knowledge of South America!

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