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Explore the cultural facets of South America with these resources about languages, literature, film, music, dance, news and current events, religions, customs, art, handicrafts and special occasions.
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Top Documentaries About South America
The best documentaries about South America

About the Culture of South America
Enjoy this collection of articles about food and drink, holidays, reader comments, language programs and converstationl arts, customs and people of South America.

Before You Buy South America Travel and Guide Books
South America is a fascinating continent, and it's no surprise that the countries, the people, their culture and history, their political struggles and economic development create a rich source for authors. Here you'll find only a few of the vast selection.

South American Trivia
Amaze everybody you know with your knowledge of world records, flora, fauna, wildlife, history, culture and geography of South America. Don't see a fact here? Send in your own bit of trivia!

Gauchos, Huasos and Llaneros
Wherever you have cattle, and cattle ranches, you have people on horseback tending to them. They're called by many names: cowboy in the US; gaucho in Argentina, Uruguay and southern Brazil; vaqueiro in northern Brazil; huaso in Chile and llanero in Colombia and Venezuela.

Get Inspired by South American Poets
Get inspired to travel with these South American Poets

Best Museums in South America
The best museums in South America

Fernando Botero, Colombian Artist
Fernando Botero, Colombian artist

Street art on Soler Street in Buenos Aires
Street art found on Soler street in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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