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Travel planner, tourism, photos, sightseeing, geography, sports, art, entertainment andpractical facts for the coast, the Galapagos Islands, the Andes and the interior rainforests of Ecuador.
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3 Alternative Ways to see The Galapagos Islands
There are many ways to enjoy the Galapagos, here are three that you may not have considered.

Best Museums in Quito, Ecuador
Best Museums in Quito Ecuador

Central Bank National Museum in Quito Ecuador
The Central Bank National Museum in Quito Ecuador

The Monasteries of Quito, Ecuador
The Monasteries of Quito Ecuador

Ecuador in Pictures
Scenes from around the country, plus photos taken by travelers and others in Ecuador.

Books about Ecuador
Selected books cover a wide range of topics, from travel planning to politics, history, touring, wildlife, flora and fauna, cultural studies, Otavaleno Indians, trekking and hiking, plus practical tips for Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.

Books about the Amazon
Guide selected to books about the Amazon: the river, Amazonia, flora and fauna, explorations, travels, rafting, adventure, border disputes, history, geography and indigenous peoples.

Cuisine of Ecuador and Brazil
This huge country offers a cuisine as diverse as its regions and climates, with the staples being rice and beans. Manioc is used as a flour and a seasoning. Many dishes show their African roots. Fruits are many and varied, some found only in Brazil.

Ecuador for Visitors
The three regions of Ecuador, coast, mountains and Amazonia, offer the visitor a multitude of choices, including the heritage capital, Quito, lush seaside resorts, Volcano Alley, rainforests, verdant mountain plains and a relaxed lifestyle.

Ecuador and USA Embassy / Consulate Information
Addresses, telephone numbers and web sites for the embassy of Ecuador in Washington D.C. and the USA Embassy in Quito and the consulate in Guayaquil.

The Haciendas of Ecuador - Hospitality in Colonial Settings
Enjoy Ecuadorian hospitality, history, cuisine and attractions at one of these haciendas, also called hosterías. Some are rustic, some are three, four and five star luxury establishments.

Cities of Ecuador Map
Click on a city name on this map of Ecuador to find extensive resources for lodging, sightseeing, geography, history, art, culture, sports, recreation and more.

The Volcanos of Ecuador
A look at the active and dormant volcanos including the ones threatening Quito.

Ecuador's Ten Highest Mountains
Ecuador has ten mountains over 5000m.

Ecuador - A Non-Adventurers Itinerary
An Ecuador itinerary for people who don't like to hike.

Discover Ecuador Through its Regional Cuisine
Guide to Ecuadorian food.

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