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Myths, Folklore, Magic and Monsters

South American folklore has its share of mythical creaters, monsters, ghosts, unexplained mysteries, folk tales and magic.

Chiloé, mythology

Ten legends and myths from this island known for its mythology.

Andean Fat Stealers - FT 138

"The contemporary urban legends of organ theft may tap into some very modern fears, but in South America tales of supernatural creatures that steal fat from their sleeping victims have circulated for centuries."

Atlantis origins in Bolivian legends, Desaguadero, Tunapa

"Legend of the Desaguadero. Bolivian legend in which the gods decide to punish a city on the edge of a lake by submerging it in a day of earthquakes and floods. The principal god, Tunapa then sinks into the waters of Lake Poopo (also called Lake Aullagas) at Pampa Aullagas."

Cayce on the Inca and Aymara of Tiwanaku

Writings of Edgar Cayce include the Lost Continent of Atlantis.

Chupacabra Rampage in Chile

"El Chupacabra has been crawling all over Chile in the last few months, raising many new questions about this mysterious creature, and resulting in astonishing claims about its origin."


"The chupacabra ("goat sucker") is an animal said to be unknown to science and systemically killing animals in places like Puerto Rico and Mexico."

Giant Sloth

"In the 1890's an Argentinean explorer, geographer and adventurer, Ramon Lista, was hunting in a portion of his country known as Patagonia when a large, unknown creature covered with long hair, trotted past the party. To Lista the creature looked like a gigantic armadillo. The party shot at the beast, but the bullets seemed to have no effect."

Giants of the Royal Incas

"Nine-and-a-half feet tall is large for a human mummy, especially when it is found among today's diminutive Peruvians, whose average stature is just five feet. Understandably, professional anthropologists find tales of ancient giants amusing, but nothing more."

Historic Atlantis in Bolivia

Theory that ancient Atlantis is actually South America. Specifically, "It was not the continent of Atlantis which sank into the sea, but the island capital of the same name, built around a volcanic island which sank into the inland sea of Lake Poopo which exists on the edge of the rectangular plain presently called the Bolivian Altiplano."

Ica Stones of Peru

"The Ica Stones will remain an unsolved mystery along with the Nazca Lines on the Plains of Peru - which some people believe could only have been designed as a blueprint by those above the planet. This area has been thought by some to be an ancient spaceport based on the harness of electromagnetic energy for propulsion of space faring vehicles."

Living Dinosaurs

"The continent of South America, though the same attention has not been paid to them as of similar stories from Africa, reputedly plays host to a creature not unlike that continent's famed mokele-mbembe. The South American relative, however, is just as problematic as is that creature, if not even more so."

Mitología Chilota, Chiloé Myths

Chiloe is known for its legends and myths, both land and sea, and for witchcraft.

The Lord of Huanca

Origins of the cult of The Lord of Huanca in Peru and Bolivia.
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