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Learn about South American geography with these maps, weather reports, volcanic activity, environmental concerns, plus wildlife and ecological issues.

Sampler of South American Flora
South America has a tremendously varied, vibrant and unusual number of plants and trees. These flora have adapted to their environment, tropical or Andean, and present us with a colorful surprise, from a tiny fragiel orchid to a huge nut tree.

Greatest Natural Wonders of South America
Spectacular South America boasts so many marvels of landscape, wildlife, geographic formations and natural wonders that it is hard to narrow the list to only these attractions, among the top destinations of South America.

Countries and Capitals of South America
This simple chart provides countries and capitals, plus links to updated World Fact Book data, and maps.

Views of South America Cities from Space
Enjoy these photographs, taken on various NASA missions, of South American cities. Seen from above, the scope, toppgraphy, natural landmarks and distinctive features vary in clarity, yet each photograph is a unique way to learn about the city and surrounding area.

10 Largest Cities of South America
The cities mentioned on this list are South America's largest, either by size, population or both. It's not surprising that Brazil, South America's largest country has five cities listed. Not all cities are tourist destinations, but each has its own attractions, history and sightseeing oppourtunities.

Elevation Extremes of South America
Both the highest and lowest points are in Argentina, but did you know that the lowest "high" point is in Uruguay?

Earthquakes and South America
Over one million earthquakes happen worldwide every year. Some are so slight they are unfelt, others last for minutes that seem like forever and can cause major changes in the landscape. Many of these earthquakes happen in South America, due to the Nazca and South American plates of the circum-Pacific belt. The world's largest earthquake, a 9.5, occurred in Chile in 1960.

Ring of Fire
Geography Guide Matt Rosenberg writes: "The "Ring of Fire" is an arc stretching from New Zealand, along the eastern edge of Asia, north across the Aleutian Islands of Alaska, and south along the coast of North and South America. It is composed over 75% of the world's active and dormant volcanoes."

Maps of South American Cities
Learn your way about with these large scale, black and white JPGs of city centers.

South America Map Collection
Various maps, including political, topographic, vegetation, heights and depths, and physical views.

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