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History of South America

Enhance your knowledge of South America to enrich your travels with these resources about the historical background and current issues.
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Central Bank National Museum in Quito Ecuador
The Central Bank National Museum in Quito Ecuador

History and Traditions of South America
The many varied indigenous tribes of South America enjoyed their own cultures for years before the arrival of Europeans and subsequent immigrations. Here you'll find a sampling of the many books written about the history and traditions of South America.

Da de la Raza
Da de la Raza, Columbus Day, also known as Native American Day, is a day of celebration for some and a source of anger for others.

Shrunken Heads - Tsanta
The Jivaro tribes of Ecuador and Peru, traditionally at war with each other for centuries, used to take their enemy's head and shrink it as a battle trophy. Called tsanta, these shrunken heads evolved into a fake souvenir for the tourist business.

Simón Bolívar, El Libertador
This hero of the Latin American wars of independence died discouraged that his efforts were in vain. Revered today as South America's great liberator, his political principles are the basis for the Bolivarian Movement and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

The Bolivarian Movement and the Bolivarian Republic
Venezuela has transformed itself into the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela based on the principles of Simon Bolivar, explained here.

José de San Martín
Revered as Argentina's greatest hero, San Martín was also Liberator of Chile and Protector of Peru. Called Knight of the Andes and Santo de la Espada, he is also the subject of one of history's unsolved mysteries.

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