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News & Current Events from South America

Online news, newspapers and reports, plus background information and related material for travelers
The New York Times coverage of Latin America.
Argentina - Top 10 Most Visited Argentina Newspapers
Also magazines and other information about Argentina from AllYouCanRead.com.
BBC News: Americas
New from both South and North America
Bolivia Newspapers
From AllYouCanRead.com
Brazil - Top 10 10 Most Visited Brazil Newspapers
Also magazines and more information about Brazil from AllYouCanRead.com.
Business News Americas S.A.
Weekday coverage of economic news from this Chilean based news source.
Chile Newspapers and Magazines
From AllYouCanRead.com; newspapers are grouped by city.
Colombia - Top 10 Most Visited Colombia Newspapers
Also magazines and other information about Colombia from AllYouCanRead.com.
El Mundo
Medellin paper in Spanish.
El Universal
Cartagena paper in Spanish.
Guyana Newspapers
From AllYouCanRead.com.
La Republica
National paper in Spanish.
Latin America
This Great Decisions 2008 Blog has comments, analysis, links by topic and sources, with updates on Latin American news, politics and events written by an expert.
Latin American Sport
Keep up with soccer/futbol, racing, tennis, baseball, volleyball, skiing, and many more sports.
Latin America Herald Tribune
"The Latin American Herald Tribune aims to be the main source of news for the English-reading public about Latin America and to satisfy the need for fair and balanced information about politics, economics, business, sports, the community and other topics of interest with objective and impartial news from the best reporting our international team can deliver."
Latin American Watch
News by country, articles, official documents and sites, politics, history and more
Natalee Holloway - The Investigation Ten Months Later
Nearly a year after Natalee Holloway disappeared from a beach on Aruba, the investigation continues. TV legal experts, criminal and forensic experts have all commented on the case. Speculations, allegations, accusations, rumors and theories abound, and only now does the lead investigator speak out.
New York Times International
News of the world, including South America
Paraguay Newspapers and Magazines
From AllYouCanRead.com.
Peru Newspapers and Magazines
From AllYouCanRead.com.
Revista Caretas
Peruvian illustrated magazine.
South America Daily
Online news from, and of import to, the South American countries. In English and Spanish.
South America News - Topix.net
South America News continually updated from thousands of sources around the net.
Suriname Newspapers
From AllYouCanRead.com.
The Santiago Times
English Language Newspaper in Santiago, Chile - News in Chile and Latin America.
Uruguay Newspapers and Magazines
From AllYouCanRead.com.
Venezuela Newspapers and Magazines
From AllYouCanRead.com.
World News - Americas
From CNN coverage of South American events as they happen.
2005 Violent Demonstrations in Mar del Plata
The protests against the Summit of the Americas, being held in Mar del Plata, on Argentina's Atlantic coast, grew violent this afternoon as protestors threw Molotoc cocktails and burned commercial buildings.
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