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Travel planning, tourism, sightseeing, geography, sports, culture, and practical facts for Asuncion, the Gran Chaco and other areas of Paraguay.
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What to do in South America in May 2013
All you need to know about the best holidays and events in South America in May 2013

A Sampling of Paraguay
For many years Paraguay, known as the "empty quarter" of South America, was closed to tourism for political reasons. Open now to tourism, Paraguay offers a scenic variety of terrains on either side of the Río Paraguay bisecting the country. The western portion, known as the Chaco, covers more than 60% of Paraguay and vast stretches are still in a natural state. The eastern portion is lush, fertile and home to most Paraguyans.

Paraguay for Visitors
Tour the two regions of Paraguay for colonial history abundant wildlife and untouched wilderness.

Paraguay in Pictures
Paraguay, "The Heart of South America," is sub-tropical, with two distinct regions: the lush east and the arid west. Get a feel for the country with these photos.

Books about Paraguay
Guide selected books cover a wide range of topics, from travel planning to politics, history, touring, wildlife, flora and fauna, cultural studies, human rights, cuisine, government, military matters, arts and crafts, sports and more information to learn about Paraguay.

Cuisine of Paraguay, Uruguay and the Falkland Islands
The cuisine of South America stems from a variety of cultural backgrounds, available produce, foods and cooking styles. You'll find local favorites varying from country to country, even within regions, but you'll also find international favorites and the ubiquitous fast food places.

Paraguay and USA Embassy / Consulate Information
Addresses, telephone numbers and web sites for the embassy of Paraguay in Washington D.C. and the USA Embassy in Asuncion.

The Pantanal - Wildlife Exploring at its Best
Home to thousands of wildlife species, the Pantanal is a huge wetlands, and a must on a wildlife-lover's travels.

The Pantanal of Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay
Illustrated resources about these great wetlands of Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay.

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